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We finance for the following

  • Sports & Prestige Vehicles
  • Classic cars
  • Fleet Vehicles
  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Yellow Plant Machinery
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Engineering & Printing Machinery
  • Any Other type of Asset Considered


Refinancing is the process by which a client can use their existing assets to raise additional capital for a number of purposes, these assets can be unencumbered (free from finance). Alternatively, the assets could be subject to an existing finance agreement with a finance company but would have sufficient equity to allow a refinance.

By releasing capital tied up in fixed assets we can help improve cash flow and stability for a client. Funds can be used to recover from bad debt, improve cash flow, reduce bank overdrafts or to restructure existing agreements and release the equity. The injection of working capital can fund expansion of the business or to fund management buy ins/outs.
We can also arrange a refinance agreement to fund a large ‘balloon rental’ due or to become due on an existing agreement (generally on prestige and sports cars).

Refinance agreements can be provided on a Lease/Hire Purchase or Lease agreement, they are often referred to as  “Sale and Leaseback” or “Sale and Lease Purchase Back”.

Some of the reasons to refinance may include: